PlayAway Launch Pads

The Ontario Community Library is happy to bring you a new service! We have added PlayAway Launch Pads to our circulating items. Launch Pads are small tablets built for children with learning in mind. Each Launch pad is a multisensory learning tool, bring together sight, sounds and play. These easy-to-use devices give children and parents a great learning jump start.

Here are just a few of the ways that PlayAway Launch Pads interact with children and help them learn. First, each Launch Pad contains pre-downloaded stories called Storybooks. Seeing and hearing the words of the story at the same time increase, retention, comprehension and vocabulary. Then each Story has a video; this allows a contextual element to the learning process. Children are able to make a deeper connection with the subject seeing it play out on the screen. Next are the Apps and Games, these are actually learning tools disguised as fun, interactive activities. These “gamified” tools reward kids for practicing and mastering critical skills. These types of tools can have a powerful effect on development and early education.

All educational content on the Launch Pads has been selected by educational experts associated with Launch Pad’s Reading Academy. Every storybook, video, and app has been selected to help children gain the tools they need to help transition from learning to read to reading on their own in a fun, easy way.

There are multiple Launch Pads available at multiple levels. Patrons can borrow one and then move to another in any order and at their own speed. The Launch Pad packs check out from the Ontario Community Library for 3 weeks at a time and do not need an internet connection. They are heavy duty and made for little hands.

We are excited to bring our community this amazing resource. Stop by the library and try one out today.