Your Patron Account

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Information and Set-up

Your personal Patron Account is accessible from anywhere; all you need is a computer (or smart phone), the internet, and your library card and password.  This allows you the freedom to browse, request, and renew books - anytime and anywhere.  You will be able to set up "book bags" and other reading list / history features.  It gives you access to great online library resource links, such as  Library2Go - EBooks and Audios, the amazing online source for audio and downloadable library books. This works great for parents to help monitor children’s check-outs and eliminate unwanted overdue fines.  

If you have already established an account and password, you can click the link at the top of the page and login (or use the link on the side bar).  You can also login directly from the Card Catalog by going to the site and clicking on the 'My Account' link.

New Account Set-up

If you have not yet set up your online access account here is how. It is quick and easy. 

  • First you must have a current email listed in your account.  If you need to reset your email or enter a new one please contact the Library by phone (541-889-6371).  At the same time, you can obtain a temporary four digit password.
  • Once you have your email and temporary password, click on the link to LOGIN. 
  • Use your barcode from your library card (Do not put in spaces when typing your number.)
  • Next it will ask for your password. Use the temporary password the librarian gave you or click Forgot Password(If you have clicked on Forgot Password you will prompted to put in your email address and check your email account to reset your password.) 
  • The system normally logs right in to your account at this point; You will need to go to Account Preferences and change your temporary password to a regular one . Your four digit temporary code will be the 'current password' then put in your new password.
  • You are now set to start using your new online access.  
  • Always remember to Logout of your account at the end of your session and never give out your password or library card number.
  • Temporary four digit passwords are temporary and will expire.  

Changing your Password

Should you need to change your password, this can be done from the main page of the Patron Account.  Or you can choose to call the library (541-889-6371) and have a new temporary password assigned and then go through the above process again.

Forgot your Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can click the 'forgot password' link on the login page and follow the steps that will be emailed to you.  Or you can choose to call the library (541-889-6371) and have your password reset and a temporary assigned.

Important - Please Remember : Library Staff do not have direct access to the passwords, personal settings, or reading history in your account.   If you choose to change your email, please let us know, this will affect access to your online account.